SAP 004 - Rod Rantz; building the Afronation brand, coming so far in such a short while and his top 5 Afrobeats songs

Rod Rantz on the #SocialAfricanShow

Rod Rantz is an Afrobeats events host. He was born in Cameroon, raised in Belgium and lives in London UK. He is the CEO and founder of Afronation, an events company based in England. Rod is also the show host of the Afronation show on Climax radio.

He likes to think of himself as a chameleon who's found a perfect blend of both African and western cultures.

Personal life

I grew up in Belgium for a bit but I’ve lived in England for like 16 years, I’ve lived in East London. My family: mum, dad, brother and twin little sisters.

Grabbing opportunity with both hands

I’m never one to turn down an opportunity like that, I said yeah, let’s run it. It started in September and is doing okay. From then on, I’ve got clubs inviting us to come use their venue.

What sets Rod apart

I do it the old school way. I prefer to use a pen and paper. I have a never ending to-do list. Every day I complete half of it. The reason why I prefer to use pen and paper than apps; with apps, it’s more of a hassle, I’m already using so many apps right now.

The lowest of the low

Getting a lot of knockdowns. Trying to get my show moved to other stations and right now, police blocking our events...

That light bulb moment when it all clicked

I didn't do it sooner because; firstly, I did not know where to start and secondly, I was always afraid of flopping. Then, my business partner hit me up.

I thought to myself; you don’t know unless you try right? Why I am afraid of it flopping, it hasn't even happened yet. So I did my research and I said yeah, let’s do it. I put in work, I think we promoted it for a solid 2 months and it banged.

What’s got you buzzing right now?

We’ve just landed another venue. We’ve got University freshers dates. So, I’m buzzing for September. Not only do we have another venue in Cambridge. We also have another venue in another city as well, keeping that hush-hush for now.

Lion's Den

  • What is the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

Ee get as ee be.

The reason why it’s my favourite African saying is that you can use it for any bad situation. Any curve ball that life throws at you, rather than getting upset and pissed off by it, just say ee get as ee be.

  • What was holding you back from building your brand?


  • Do you have a daily routine that contributes to your success?

My to-do list, it keeps me organised. It's really not business only that I write about in there. I also write personal reminders as well. My to-do list keeps me organised and every day I look at to see what should be done.

  • If you have 24 hours to live what would you do?

If it is inevitable that I’m dying. I will help make the lives of my loved ones easier, by providing them with some money so that once I’m gone they’ll not struggle.


  • What is your social media of choice and why?

I’d probably say, Instagram is my favourite. Like I said visuals. My second would have to be Twitter.

  • As an Afrobeats connoisseur, Rod shares his top 5 Afrobeats songs for the tribe to check out?

Wande Coal - Iskaba
Mazi Chukz - Gyaldem sugar
Mr. Eazi - Skintight
Run town - Mad over you
Valentine, Overload. (this one isn’t out yet)

Words of wisdom

If you’re thinking about doing something or starting something up, no matter how small you think it is, no matter how hard you think it is going to be, no matter what you’re scared of like how people are going to react. My number one advice is: just go do your thing and prove them wrong.

Connect with Rod

Rodrantz across social except Snapchat: Rodsrantz21