Putting design back into streetwear - 'design in a day'

The end result of the design in a day challenge (Shango's Call tshirt) is getting so much love, I'm feeling super proud.


Look at what the cat dragged in:

shango's call t-shirt kvlondon

The streetwear game is saturated. New brands spring up by the second. However, the birth of a new streetwear brand heralds the death of another, at the same exact moment.

It's a tough old, competitive market. The saying "build it and they will come" doesn’t apply to streetwear.

I have been in the game for over 5 years now and the headwear brand has been around since 2013.

Most streetwear brands never make it past their first year of business. Brands that stay in the game for over a year deserve a pat on the back.

I built my brand by leveraging an army of freelancers because I'm good at getting the best out of people.  

You find the odd collaborator who becomes a big part player in your business. This person turns into much more than 'the designer'. They become family, they become (in this instance) a brother.

Enter Greg Martin (founder of Twenty Pegs). We designed the t-shirt, in a day, and we named it Shango’s Call. 

I posted about the design process on the blog.

Here's what it looks like in flesh: (couple snaps from the weekender, ya get me.)

We recently exhibited at the Afrobeat Weekender and the Shango's Call t-shirt got plenty of love. Rightfully so because we designed it especially for this event.

It was also the perfect event to showcase KV London's Heritage Collection of snapbacks and strapbacks.

I am pleased to be able to create unique pieces that get such positive feedback. Designs that compel people to put their hands in their pockets and part with their hard earned cash. 


I've got nothing but love to give back!