How to leverage Instagram Location and Hashtag Stories to grow your brand

I'm almost always in Story mode.

I have been testing out the Location Stickers and Hashtags on Instagram Stories and till date, I have seen a steady increase in my Story views.

If you do social for a brand(s), you MUST leverage Location Stickers and Hashtags on Instagram Stories; I have been executing and testing it out with my headwear brand.

One of our Stories almost hit the three thousand views mark. In the first three hours, it racked up one thousand five hundred views. 👇🏾 

This was a 15-second video of a still photo of graffiti ( I took in London, Shoreditch I think) and a voice over. I created this in Photoshop. It was our message of solidarity following the terror attacks in London Bridge and Borough market. And, our most viewed story yet. Image number three above shows exactly where the views came from. 

I would like to dive into how a brand can leverage Location Stickers and Hashtags on Instagram Stories but first; is your brand taking advantage of Instagram in Story mode? 

Here's why you totally should:

  • show your audience some inside scoop
  • tell your story in your own unique voice
  • 1-1 engagement with audience
  • gain insight on products and service pre-launched
  • run 24 hr giveaways and engagement campaigns
  • etc. etc. etc. – there’s so much you can do on IG story

And, here's how to do it: 

There are two ways brands can leverage the power of Instagram stories:

Create content raw:

  • point your phone’s front camera at your face and shoot
  • point your camera at the subject 
  • use Hyperlapse to create catchy videos
  • go wild with Boomerang, you can create really cool video loops using this built-in app on your Instagram story. 


Create edited content:

Use video editing software to create cool 15 second short films telling a story or showcasing a product or service, be sure to add a clear call to action (CTA).

Some of the video editing software I use include:

  • iMovie
  • photoshop and
  • premiere pro

    I mainly use Photoshop to create my edited Instagram Stories. (i.e. group pictures, videos, sometimes a mix of both, to create a 15-second film).

Using Hashtags and Location Stickers

This for me is a game changer, and long may the free reach continue. I tested this out with my brand. The results were nothing short of amazing!

In the video below, you can see how brands can quickly add these two features to their overall Instagram marketing strategy. 

Give this a go for your brand's Instagram Stories. I promise you, if executed right, you will be glad you did.