5 reasons why you must use Hashtags and Location Stickers on Instagram Stories.

I put out a ton of Instagram Story content!

I’ve never really been one to often add Location Stickers or Hashtags to my Instagram Story posts. Well, not until I heard that Instagram had launched Location and Hashtag Stories on Explore.

I tried both features off the cuff, over the weekend and I saw some mad results. What little viewing I’d built up was almost doubled, especially on Story posts that I used Location Stickers on.

On bank holiday Monday, I was at the Surrey County Show for a bit of country fun. I used Location Stickers on posts that I wanted to (hopefully) feature in the larger Location Story and I was pleased with the results. I had even more Story views.

At home, enjoying a drink and a charcoal grill I got a random viewer from the #BBQ crew! I used the Hashtag in my Story post. 

It works! I used the Location Stickers again, in London, with even better results. One of my Stories broke the 100 views mark! 


And again, back in Surrey


You can clearly see my Story views going up and up.

Snapchat prompts you to add your Story to a larger local Story (for example, London Story), Instagram doesn't. Once you add a Location Sticker to your Story, that's it! It may well get featured in the larger Story. 

If executed right, Hashtags and Location Stickers will certainly bring eyeballs to your Instagram Stories.

Not convinced yet? OK! I will give you five reasons why you should add this to your Instagram strategy NOW:


1. Early Adopters Syndrome

These are new features, Instagram will be giving both Hashtag Stories and Location Stories a big push. If you take advantage now, you’ll be one of the first to reap huge rewards. The Location Story curators (probably bots, knowing Zuckerberg) will show plenty of love to early adopters, giving them a shot at #instafame. 


2. Reach

Grow your reach exponentially by putting yourself in front of new audiences. Leverage relevant Hashtags for your Instagram stories and use Location Stickers too. you’ll be glad you did!


3. Grow Your Audience

 You have to execute this strategy, ESPECIALLY – if you attend an event in your niche, with a targeted audience, poised to see what you’ve got to offer. Your Instagram Story Location Sticker should be the vehicle to bring their eyeballs to you. All it is: put up a Story (that is cool, relevant, on-topic) and add a Location Sticker and the event Hashtags. Simples! 


4. Better Engagement

More eyeballs don't always equate to better engagement. However, if you use Hashtags and Location Stickers on your Story posts, your content will get seen. Create compelling content. Seek to provoke a reaction every time you post a Story. (Like, dislike, love, hate, anger… you get the drift). The more people engage with your Story, the more Instagram will show them to other people… and so on, creating a snowball effect. Engagement will naturally follow.


5. Page/Profile Growth

Let’s say your story is engaging, relevant and on-trend. And you’ve used the above hacks to get in front of new audiences. The potential of these guys clicking through to your profile to see what you're about is very high. They can then decide to follow, like, comment and share your content. You CAN grow your page/profile with the potential virility of relevant, well-optimised Instagram Stories.

My Take:: 

For me, I will continue to leverage these Instagram Story features to reach new audiences. My Stories are raw, I stay true to my personal brand. 

I often add some sort of subtle call to action (CTA) to drive traffic to whatever I’m working on and sometimes I put out a CTA to a website or product (linked up in my bio).

People with the luxury of verified accounts can add ‘swipe up links’. 


Give this is a try now! Thank me later.