SAP 037 - Cynthia Oikeh; using digital media to facilitate positive body image activism, helping women to embrace who they are


Cynthia Oikeh is also known as CynTea.

She’s is a Dutch-Nigerian lifestyle and fitness blogger based in the United Kingdom.

CynTea is the face behind the A Cup of CynTea blog where she creates content about, love, life, motivation and fitness with a sprinkle of banter.

"I was born and raised in Holland, lived there for 15 years. I came to the UK in 2007."

"I'm the second born of three children. I have an older brother and a younger sister."

"My parents are from Edo state in Nigeria.”

SAP 036 - Caroline Moore; top tips on building a media content creation company

Caroline Moore on the #socialAfricanshow

Caroline Moore is the CEO of Eureka Productions Ltd. They're an organisation that specialises in content creation, media buying, public relations and media broadcasting.

Caroline has held several events and partnered with other media companies on projects that help individuals discover their purpose in life.

And, she is passionate about executing creative ideas that help people achieve their dreams.

"I’m born to Nigerian parents. I was born in the UK, Manchester to be precise."

"I moved to Nigeria when I was 16 years old."


SAP 035 - Duke Ubong Ata; menswear, lifestyle, fashion and branding advice from the king of the fit

Duke Ubong Ata on the social African show

Duke Ubong Ata is a designer and personal stylist.

He is the Creative Director of the Duke Ata, a luxury brand that specialises in creating tailored suits, shirts, shoes and accessories.

Duke started out as a blogger and stylist. Now, he operates from his showroom in Newcastle and serves clients across the UK.

"Both my parents are Nigerians, I was born in Nigeria."

“I grew up between Nigeria and the UK and eventually moved to the UK when I was 17 to begin my studies."

"I have two sisters and one brother and I am the last of the lot. We're from the south, Akwa Ibom state" (Nigeria).


SAP 034 - Jamelia Donaldson; how to create, grow and scale a haircare business using the subscription business model.

FB visual 034.jpg

Jamelia Donaldson is the founder and CEO of Treasure Tress, a UK based beauty brand that provides a monthly product discovery box for women and young girls with textured hair.

Jamelia has been able to draw on her personal experiences and knowledge to provide an impeccable haircare service which equips women with quality products and tools to care for their naturally curly hair

"I live in London but spent some time away in both Atlanta and New York throughout my childhood and my teen years."

"My family is of Caribbean descent, both my mum and dad are Jamaican. I have two brothers. My dad’s side of the family is really big, my Grandma has ten kids. I have a lot of cousins."


SAP 033 - Tobi Oludayomi; how to become a serial entrepreneur and grow your influence in the digital space. 

Tobi Oludayomi on the #socialAfricanshow.jpg

Tobi Oludayomi is a serial digital entrepreneur and speaker. 

He is the founder of Digipay, a payroll platform, Copdat, a data analytics solution and Praybetter, a mobile app that helps people pray. 

In 2012, Tobi also co-founded Studio14,  a digital agency based in Birmingham, UK and Lagos, Nigeria.

"I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. We moved to the UK when I was 10-11 years old."

"My dad is from Ondo, and my mum is from Ekiti state in Nigeria."

"It's mum, dad and four boys (I'm second). Dad calls us the consumers association because when we were young we consumed every food. He goes shopping on Thursday and the whole food is finished by Friday afternoon."


SAP 032 - Josh Wilson; from sleeping on a yoga mat to building a world-class TV production company.

Facebook visual 1.jpg

Josh Wilson is the founder of Wilson Worldwide Productions, a TV production company that focuses on scripted drama as well as factual and branded content.

Josh has more than eight years experience in the broadcasting industry.

He is passionate about creating opportunities in the creative industries for people from BAME groups and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"I don't have a big family. No brothers or sisters. My parents separated when I was much younger."

"My dad was born in Saint Catherine in Jamaica, my mother was born in London and her mother was born in Jamaica."


SAP 031 - Charlene Shaw; using creative writing to challenge the lack of positive BAME characters within the literature on the curriculum. We chop-it-up with Charlene Shaw.

Author of Fall in Line, Charlene Shaw on the Social African Show

Charlene shaw is a London based author, English teacher and freelance writer.

As an English teacher, Charlene has seen first hand the lack of BAME characters portrayed in a positive way within the literature on the curriculum. 

This is what made Charlene create a novel to challenge that stereotype.  

Her novel, Fall in Line, gives an insight into the Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) community and how they sometimes struggle to come to terms with their identity.

"I was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK."

"My mum is English and my dad is of Jamaican origin. I am mixed race."

"Growing up, my sister and I were the only black people in my school."


SAP 030 - Tolu Akinyemi; breaking stereotypes and changing perspectives through poetry. 

Poetolu Tolu Akinyemi on the #socialAfricanshow

Tolu Akinyemi is an award-winning writer, poet and author.

He was named as one of the top 100 most Influential Nigerian Writers under 40.

Tolu’s writing has earned him a loyal following and the award of Poetry Writer of the Year 2017.

"I am Nigerian, born in Ondo state, Nigeria. I live in London and I have lived here for six years."

"I am the first of five children. I have two brothers and two sisters."


SAP 029 - Ama Ankobia; how to build a cake business while studying at university.

Ama Ankobia on the #socialAfricanshow

Ama Ankobia is the founder of Ama’s Cake Boutique - a bespoke cake service that provides clients with tailored cakes for all occasions. 

Ama is also in her final year of studying Pharmacy at University. 

She is passionate about showcasing her creativity through her cakes. 

"My name Ama means I was born on Saturday. I am of Ghanaian descent and it is tradition to be named after the day you're born."

"I was born in Ghana and moved here (the United Kingdom) when I was nine years old."

"I am from a family of six; mum, dad and three brothers. I am the only girl."


SAP 028 - Anton Richardson and Ola Fagbamila; educating and inspiring others through open conversations about their personal journeys.

Tag me in podcast on the social African podcast

Anton and Ola are the hosts and founders of Tag Me In Podcast.

Anton is also a cybersecurity engineer and a community leader.

Ola comes from a finance and investment background. He is a car enthusiast and flips cars as a hobby.  

[Anton]: "My dad is from Barbados and my mum is from Nigeria. I am a mixed baby and a keen person that loves learning."

"I am always trying something new."

[Ola]: "I was born and raised here (the United Kingdom). When I was 11 I got shipped back to Nigeria. I was a bit of a naughty boy, I guess."

"We're from Ekiti State."


SAP 027 - Renee Davis; inspiring the next generation of young creatives to execute their dreams.

Renee OTB on the social African show

Renee Davis is a freelance journalist and an award-winning entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Out The Box - a hub for young creatives and entrepreneurs.

Renee’s aim is to inspire and equip this and the next generation of young creatives and entrepreneurs to execute their dreams and passions. 

"I was born and raised in Birmingham.  I am of Jamaican descent. My grandparents came here (the United Kingdom) in the 60's."

"I am the oldest of three, me and my twin brothers."


SAP 026 - Anu-Seti Amen Ra; finding your purpose in life by investing in your investments.

Chief Anu-Seti Amen Ra on the #socialAfricanshow

Anu-Seti Amen Ra is the CEO and co-founder of Remington & RÁ, a Lifestyle investment company that was founded in 2014.

Anu describes himself as the Sartorial Tobacconist who’s life is about discovering and executing purpose. 

"My family is Fulani but I am a native Mississippian. Jackson, Mississippi."

"There's me, my brother and my sister. But we have an extended family. Cousins we call brothers and sisters."


SAP 025 - Donaldson Sackey; how to create a brand using the things you are passionate about.

Donaldson Sackey on the Social African Show

Donaldson Sackey is the co-founder of CPxArt a luxury streetwear brand that fuses sports, fashion and art to create unique designs.
He is also a model and professional football player.
Donaldson's passion for football led to him playing the game across Europe whilst also playing for the Togolese national team.

"I grew up in Hamburg Germany. My African roots from Togo and parents are from Togo."

"I am into design, sports and fashion so I try to put these things together."


SAP 024 - Saschan Fearon-Josephs; how overcoming an ordeal became the driver for building a hub for women's reproductive health awareness.

The Womb Room on the social African show

Saschan Fearon-Josephs is the founder of The Womb Room an organisation that aims to increase reproductive health awareness for women and girls.

Saschan founded the womb room in October 2011 and it has since grown into a network of women with the knowledge and tools to reconnect with their womanhood.

''I am an only child but I grew up with my cousin. We lived together from age 4/5, so we grew up like sisters"

"I am from a mixed background; Jamaican, Irish and Indian. We have traced our history back to Nigeria, Cameroon and parts of Congo."


SAP 023 - George Eyo; using his knack for art and a keen eye for detail as fuel for success in fashion photography.

Eyo photography - George Eyo on the #socialAfricanshow

George Eyo is the founder of Eyo photography.

Since childhood George has been into 2D concept illustration and traditional art.
He has displayed his work in local galleries and independent graphic novels. 

His creative pursuits also lead him into music, releasing songs through the Wah Wah Collective.
With a creative eye for detail and composition George is now fully involved in photography. 

“I come from a Nigerian background my heritage is Calabar, both my parents are from there.”

“I was born in the UK and grew up here.”

“Even though I was raised here I was always still taught about my tradition, the culture and how things work back home.”


SAP 022 - Mirian, Lilian and Mary Ugokwe; how three sisters are breaking racial stereotypes by showcasing Africa's beautiful culture through fashion.

The Ugokwe sisters on the #socialAfricanshow

Mirian, Lilian and Mary are the founders of Dashiki Pride.

These three siblings were born and raised in Aba, Nigeria to parents that are avid entrepreneurs. 

They started Dashiki Pride in the summer of 2014 on a mission to educate the world about the beautiful African culture. 

“We grew up in Aba, Nigeria. We were there until 2007 when we moved to the USA.”

“Going to school, people didn’t really like African things. They made fun of our accents and the way we look. A lot of people said some ignorant things.”

“In our minds, we have always looked for ways to make people appreciate our beautiful culture”


Golden nuggets galore - ON ROAD with Mr Oshodi the founder of Oshodi foods and Foodjunkee van.


We are super excited to share the first episode of the #socialAfricanshow ON ROAD with you.

Our man Kleff and Mr Oshodi, the founder of Foodjunkee van, braved the bitter cold to bring you nothing but value.


SAP 021 - Mike Edwards; athletics, entrepreneurship and launching Britain's first black-owned cigar line.

Mike Edwards on the social African show

Mike Edwards is the founder of AIREYYS limited, a male grooming company that recently launched Britain’s first black-owned cigar line.

Mike is also an international athlete.

He is ranked as the 6th best high jumper in Europe and has competed in numerous championships for team GB.

“I was born in Manchester, UK. My mother is Nigerian and my father is Jamaican. I always had a lot of culture growing up."

"I was raised in the United States and I’ve been back and forth across the pond a few times."

"I am getting more connected to my Nigerian heritage and it feels great.”


SAP 020 - Mwila Mulenshi; on a mission to transform business and career outcomes for young black people.

Mwila Mulenshi on the social African podcast

Mwila Mulenshi is a Zambian born Edupreneur and the founder of Success Looks Like You - an organisation with a mission to transform business and career outcomes for young black people.

Mwila is passionate about creating economic empowerment and developing a range of relatable role models for the future generation.

“I was born in Zambia, capital city; Lusaka. I came to the UK when I was five”

“My mum and dad are both Zambian and I am an only child.”

“From age seven I grew up in a single parent household but I never let that define me. I have lived in London since I moved to the UK and I am a zone one resident”


SAP 019 - Steve Harris; from dropping out of college twice to coaching over 800 successful entrepreneurs.

Steve Harris on the Social African Podcast

Steve Harris is the CEO of EdgeEcution, a management consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He is also a high-performance coach, motivational speaker, author and business strategist.

Steve is also known as Mr ‘ruthless execution’ and is passionate about helping individuals and institutions bridge the gap between performance and potential.

“Proudly and unashamedly Nigerian. My father is from is Delta State and my mum is from Akwa Ibom.”

“I have my amazing wife and a daughter.”

“When I’m not working, it’s PlayStation 4, I play with my wife.”


SAP 018 - Oliver Kinzonzi; helping young people gain qualifications and build careers in the music industry.

Oliver Kinzonzi on the social African show

Oliver Kinzonzi is a London based creative. He is the CEO and founder of New Build Creative Resources, an organisation that helps young people gain qualifications and build careers in the music industry.

He is passionate about helping young people gain the skills they need to survive in the real world.

“I’m in my mid 30’s, living in East London. I am in the creative industries. I run an organisation called New Build Creative Resources, it is a learning centre and record company. We deliver traineeships for young people aged 16-24, that are not in education, employment or training. We get them qualifications and work placements. We do this by putting out music projects.”

“I am passionate about young people, I am very passionate about my local environment and the infrastructure.”

“I am Congolese - Bakongo on my father’s side and my mum is from Bandundu.”


SAP 017 - Vimbainashe Chinhoyi; turning a painful loss into the driver for spreading hope and equipping startups with the tools they need to thrive in business.

Nashe on the #socialAfricanshow

Nashe is a business and life coach based in London, UK. She is the founder of World Lanterns, an organization that focuses on spreading hope.

She also owns Nashe's Consultancy. A company that equips startups and SMEs with the tools that they need to thrive in business, everything from business planning to operational effectiveness.

“I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I left when I was 10 years old and moved to London”

“I am the youngest in my family. I have two older brothers, Rodney and Tafi. I live in Southeast London and I also work 9-5 in the financial district.”

“I strongly believe in staying-grinding.”


SAP 016 - Anita Abbey; promoting the beauty of the motherland through skincare.

Anita Abbey on the #socialAfricanshow.png

Anita Abbey is the founder of Shea Glo Skincare, a natural skincare company based in London but inspired by Africa.

They create Shea butter skin care products with a fusion of western and African ingredients.

Anita is passionate about promoting the beauty of Africa through skincare.

“I was born in the UK and lived here until I was about 17. Then, I moved to Ghana, where my parents are from.”

“I went to a boarding school over there and that was when I first discovered my passion and love for Africa. I really found a sense of belonging and peace there.”

“I returned to the UK to study and I worked for a while. Now, I’m studying again and also running the business. So, I’m doing quite a lot at the moment.”


SAP 015 - Olori Ajayi; making African communities better through fashion, multiple stitches at a time.

FB Olori Ajayi on the #socialAfricashow.png

Olori Ayaji is the founder of the Katie Wang Company, a growing global fashion trading business based in Nigeria.

Olori began her entrepreneurial journey in 2011, starting the business with only £50.

She has now been listed as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Nigeria and is set to pioneer a new turn for the fashion industry in Africa.

"My birth name is Anita, a lot of people don't know this. My friends named me Olori, which means queen and I have grown with that name."

"I was in paid employment for about 10 years before owning my business. This was a really good time for me to see how things are done in that professional space and learn things that I can add to my own business."

"I’m from Delta state in Nigeria. I’m married with two kids and I live in Lagos, Nigeria, the best city in the world."


SAP 014 - Haruna Hassan Tukur; inspiring young Africans and creating jobs through agriculture.

Haruna Tukur Hafaz Farms on the #socialAfricanshow

Haruna Tukur is the CEO of Hafaz Integrated Farms LTD. An Agricultural company based in Kebbi state, Northen Nigeria. They cover a total of 578 hectares of land and specialise in growing soya beans, rice, and maize amongst other products. Under Haruna’s leadership, the company has won numerous awards including an award for empowering the Nigerian Youth.

"I’m the last of four children. I had a very fun childhood, very caring and very supportive parents. I’ve lived in Nigeria my whole life, till I was 16 years old, and, that was when I moved to the UAE to continue my education. Moving to the UAE was when I started my entrepreneurial journey. I started exporting textiles to Nigeria."

"I just had an internship for my last semester at the University. I knew that the 9-5 wasn’t for me. I saw agriculture as a platform for me to have a positive impact in the community."


SAP 013 - Emma Ako aka Mama Luna; using creativity to facilitate open and productive conversations about womb health.

Mama Luna on The Social African Show

Emma Ako is a London based creative. She is a natural health devotee and an avid Yoni Steamer. Emma is also known as Mama Luna; a personal brand she has built as a channel for women to have open and honest conversations about their womb health.

"I’m from Cameroon, my dad is from the Northern part of Cameroon and my Mum is from Central-Southern Cameroon. I was born and raised here in London. I call myself Cameroonian. I have five older sisters and two younger brothers."

"I make and sell Yoni Steam-seats. Basically, spreading the word about Yoni Steaming."


SAP 012 - Prince Obinna Ude; how perseverance led to building the Shakara Square brand and a hub for young Nigerian tech enthusiasts.

Shaka Square CEO - Prince Obinna Ude on the #socialAfricanshow.png

Prince Obinna Ude is a serial entrepreneur, he is the founder of Shakara Square media; a media company with interests in entertainment and lifestyle.

They publish online and have a digital TV channel as well. He is also the founder of a tech company called TP Hub, based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about tech, IT and digital media.

"I’m a father and a good husband as well. IT and media, I learnt outside of school and that's my passion."

“I’ve got three kids, two boys and a girl. I was born in Abia State in Nigeria and I grew up in the eastern part of Nigeria. Right now, I’m living in Lagos"


SAP 011 - Ashley Thomas; turn your pain into fuel for success. We dive into Ashley’s story of overcoming adversity and living her dream.

Ashley Thomas.jpg

Ashley Thomas is the founder of FireAnt Marketing, a US-based marketing company established to educate, promote and expand the marketing goals of organizations through social media. 

She is also a motivational speaker and an author.

Ashley is passionate about inspiring and reminding women that despite their circumstances they can still live their dreams.

"I was born and raised here in the great state of Texas. I'm the youngest child of four. I have two brothers and one sister and I also have a daughter named A'talia Nicole, she’s 10 years old, my complete pride and joy."

"At 17 I was a high school senior and I ended up giving birth to my daughter. I knew at that point I had so many odds against me. Statistics were not in my favour and to top it all off, I am a preacher’s kid."


SAP 010 - Chiroma Banks; building a renowned fashion brand, selling over 15,000 items so far and staying relevant in the industry.

Chiroma Banks on the #socialAfricanshow.png

Chiroma Banks is a fashion entrepreneur. He was born in Manchester, England and Grew up in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

He's the founder of Chiroma Banks Clothing a clothing and lifestyle brand. They've sold over 15,000 items since their launch, 5 years ago. 

Chiroma lives in the United Arab Emirates and owns a clothing shop in Nigeria as well. He is passionate about creating jobs for his people.

"I grew up in Nigeria but later I realised I had to go where my heart belongs which is the United Kingdom. I did my university in the UK, did a bit of working and then I moved to the UAE. I launched the Chiroma Banks brand in August 2012 and we've been doing it ever since."

"I’m a family man. My wife Victoria and my son, Weli."


SAP 009 - Teboho Khauoe; helping startups grow and scale using the lean methodology.

Teboho Khauoe on the Social African Show

Teboho is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Ignitor ED, a South African based startup accelerator that helps entrepreneurs launch and scale new products.

Teboho has successfully helped numerous businesses execute the lean startup methodology. His primary interest is helping startups accelerate their success.

“I’m a Sotho guy from South Africa. I love having fun and staying indoors. I’m a DVD and Netflix kind of dude. I’m about to get married in September as well so I’m very excited about that.”

“I’m a startup adviser. It’s a passion that I have. I love advising and coaching startups to grow and scale. I’m a growth marketing newbie as well which is a very exciting thing is for me and I can’t wait to learn as much as I can on growth marketing so I can share it with the rest of Africa.”


SAP 008 - Uduak Udondem; using ancient traditional techniques to support women through pregnancy and child birth.

Uduak Udondem on the #socialAfricanshow.jpg

Uduak Udondem is a Birth Doula, Arvigo Practitioner and Pregnancy Massage Therapist based in London, United Kingdom.

She provides support to pregnant women in preparation for labour and birth.

Uduak is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their changing bodies so that they can thrive and heal during the challenging periods of pregnancy and childbirth.

"I was born in Accra, Ghana. When I was around 2-3 years old my family travelled and settled in London, UK and I’ve been here ever since. I grew up in Northwest London."

"I have three children, two teenage sons and a young daughter. My parents are from Akwa Ibom State, in Southern Nigeria"


SAP 007 - Selecta Maestro; how focusing on promoting African music became a driver for success.

DJ Selecta Maestro on the #socialAfricanshow.jpg

DJ Selecta Maestro is one of the pioneers of Afrobeats in the UK. He is the host of the Afrobeats Takeover radio show and also the co-founder of Afrobeats Weekender, an event that celebrates African music and culture.

"I’m a British born Ghanaian who's crazy about music. That’s where the name Maestro comes from."

"I started listening to music from my parents’ vinyl collection. So, music was always around me. As early as three years old, there are pictures of me holding a mic."


SAP 006 - Lilian Oparaji; successfully turning her fashion and shopping hobby into a business

Lillian Oparaji on the #socialAfricanshow

Lilian Oparaji is a fashion entrepreneur. She is the founder of Simply Lil’ Clothing, an urban clothing and lifestyle brand based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She has been an entrepreneur all her life and has successfully turned her fashion and shopping hobby into a business.

"I’m the last of five kids, three boys, and two girls. My parents were ambassadors in Vietnam."

"I do interior decoration and styling. I used to be a tomboy. When I left school, I started tilting towards fashion."

"I’ve never liked the norm, my slogan is: stand out of the crowd. I’ve always liked to stand out."


SAP 005 - Coach Olighton; the steps you need to take before you follow your passion.

Coach Olighton on the #socialAfricanshow

Coach Olighton is an award-winning life coach. He is also a qualified careers advisor who specialises in helping people turn their passion into a profession. 

"I was born into a typical African family, where to be successful you have to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or you’re a disgrace to the family. I decided to follow my passion and it’s been a beautiful journey since then".

"If you want to follow your passion you have to be strategic about it. There are few things you must consider if you want to be successful in following your passion. It’s not just your passion you also have to find out what you’re good at because you can be passionate about something and not be good at it"


SAP 004 - Rod Rantz; building the Afronation brand, coming so far in such a short while and his top 5 Afrobeats songs.

Rod Rantz on the #socialAfricanshow

Rod Rantz is an Afrobeats events host. He was born in Cameroon, raised in Belgium and lives in London UK. He is the CEO and founder of Afronation, an events company based in England. Rod is also the show host of the Afronation show on Climax radio.

He likes to think of himself as a chameleon who's found a perfect blend of both African and western cultures.

"I grew up in Belgium for a bit but I’ve lived in England for like 16 years, I’ve lived in East London. My family: mum, dad, brother and twin little sisters".

"I’m never one to turn down an opportunity like that, I said yeah, let’s run it. It started in September and is doing okay. From then on, I’ve got clubs inviting us to come use their venue".


SAP 003 - Seyi Abolaji; a naira and a dream? The lemonade empire and starting the business with just $5.

Seun and Seyi Abolaji on the #socialAfricanshow

Seyi Abolaji is one-half of the dynamic duo who founded Wilson's Juice Company, a business that supplies freshly squeezed juice across Nigeria, which is where Seyi was born and raised. The brothers Seyi and Seun are passionate about 'creating better' in everything they do.

"I was born in Nigeria, back in the day, my folks got a government grant to go to the United States, so they took us, me and my older brother, and then we had a couple more siblings when we’re out there and it was crazy man, like everything we did out there we were never good enough".

"I finished University in 2005 I played professional football. I was supposed to go home (Nigeria) for a little visit. I hadn’t been back in over a decade, and it was supposed to be a three-week trip".

"I moved back here in 2008. Got married in 2012, I found the most beautiful woman in Nigeria and we have a son".


SAP 002 - MC Tee Ali; being true to yourself, getting paid doing what you love and a Jewish wedding?

MC Tee Ali on the #socialAfricanshow

Tee Ali is one of the UK’s top MCs, he is also an events host and the founder of Tee Ali models, a modelling agency that manages over 2,500 models here in the UK. He has won numerous awards in the entertainment industry and is one of the pioneers of Afro hip-hop in Nigeria, having kicked-it back in the day, with the likes of 2face Idibia and the plantashun boys.

Tee Ali’s agenda is to promote and uplift Africa and Africans around the world.

"I was raised in Festac Town, Lagos. It’s a town born of arts and culture. There was so much buzz around. We many superstars who I grow up with. We didn’t know that were going to be superstars. They ended up being MTV award winners. The likes of 2face Idibia".

"I’m never afraid to grab a mic because when I touch a mic I become a different person. I’m very very versatile I do weddings, birthdays, children entertainment and at the same time I throw it down in the clubs. I do concerts as well".


SAP 001 - Amen Iseghohi; The revolutionary gym chain, true entrepreneurship and how spending eight years in Africa shaped it all.

Amen Iseghohi on the #socialAfricanshow

Amen is the creator of Amenzone, a revolutionary gym chain founded on the principle of doing more with less. Born in Belgium, grew up in England, lived with his Grandmother in Africa. He now resides in Canada.  He is the founder of the non-profit; Amenzone Foundation and the author of the books: “The Tire Boy” and “Behind the Passion”.

As a kid at 8yrs old, living in London, Amen's parents, wanted him to understand his foundation and culture. They sent him back to live with his grandmother in Ishan land, Nigeria. A far cry from the luxury and convenience of London, England. The experience of living with his grandmother back home became the foundation that defined his moral compass in life.

"A lot of people do business because of money. I do business to make a difference. It’s okay to make money, but my perspective on business is a social enterprise"

"Keep your eyes on the prize, and just keep going towards your goals. Don’t worry about how many times it takes you to get there, just get there! And, the world will applaud you for it".


SAP 000 - Mista Kleff (the SAIC); finally taking a deep dive into building more than just a podcast.

Mista Kleff

On the first episode of the #socialAfricanShow I introduce myself to the TRIBE as the social African in charge (SAIC).

I am a headwear designer, digital builder and now, a podcast show host. My company, KV London - is an independent headwear brand that's disrupting the game with innovative designs and eye-catching styles. A brand tailored to the streetwear connoisseur who is looking for uniqueness.

30 days ago I made up my mind to dive into the podcasting journey. I have always thought about podcasting. To me, it seemed like a good medium to get the story out there. I held on to the idea and even built a show (website and social). However, I never got round to shipping it.

I had a mental shift. Something changed in my head after the self-love challenge. I decided to carry on building my personal brand, put out a ton of valuable content and hopefully help someone along the way.